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Wallets created
Years on the market

A new way to manage your money

Invest your money and generate daily returns
Without banks or intermediaries
Operate without borders or geographic restrictions
Investment products adapted to your possibilities

Xcapit Smart Wallet

The first smart wallet, easy and simple to use. The ideas of use are endless.

We are part of the Unicef ​​Innovation Fund generating social and economic impact in the lives of young people

Buy and
sell cryptocurrencies

Maximize your savings and invest in the projects that best suit your possibilities quickly and safely.

Smart investments

We have the ideal investment alternatives for all investor profiles.

Goal planner

Travel, buy a car, renovate your house? You will be able to know specifically how long it will take to reach your goals according to your savings possibilities

Gamified financial

Become a cryptocurrency pro with our new module!

Crypto for one good cause!

Become an agent of change and make the world a better place by donating to the cause(s) of your choice.


Why Xcapit?

Open source

We share the code of our platform so that anyone can contribute

Self custodial

Only you control your money, no one else.


We operate with different blockchains to take advantage of the benefits of each one

Our clients are saying...

Code834, 16/03/2022

Al tener entrada y salida, acceso ilimitado a Defi y productos de Inversion integrados, resuelve todos mis problemas en crypto de manera segura por ser self custodial. Amo ser dueño de mis llaves y mi capital. Financial Freedom. 🚀Code83416/03/2022

Danny DanDan

Hola, qué tal? Mi nombre es Jose Daniel Martinez Arias. Les mando un abrazo desde la Ciudad de México. Lo que más me gusta de Xcapit la verdad es la atenciñn que nos brindan!

Ncaccia, 14/03/2022

La app es intuitiva y limpia! Sobre todo tiene muy buen soporte. ❤️

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