We are the agents of change that your finances were waiting for

We build bridges between your possibilities and our proposals based on Web3 so that you can achieve your goals in an agile, safe and transparent way.

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Our people

Millions of ideas to maximize your returns.
Thousands of meetings and cups of coffee.
Hundreds of hours of work to offer you the best.
Dozens of professionals who are experts in what they do.
One purpose, your well-being.

We are family. we are Xcapiters

Why Xcapit?

What do we do?
Offer a comprehensive experience of the crypto ecosystem that seeks to transform finance into an engine of human well-being.
What are we looking to achieve?
That users own their money and maximize their performance by betting on decentralized finance.

What have we done so far?

2018- Start
We started Xcapit with the vision of creating a solution for people based on Web3
2020 - Consolidation
We receive a Pre-Seed investment round and launch our application
2022 - We certify ISO 27001
iso 27001 is a standard for information security
2019- Formation
We consolidate the team to work on the development of investment tools
2021 - Attraction
We launched our Crypto wallet and managed to have more than 35 thousand users in the first 2 months
2022 - We are a digital public good
To become a digital public good, all projects must adhere to the DPG Standard to ensure that projects truly encapsulate open source principles

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