Humanitarian Assistance
through feature phones

Access without technological barriers.

A major challenge…

In times of crisis, Humanitarian Cash Transfers (HCT) are vital. However, delivering cash assistance faces significant challenges and costs. Discover how we are changing this landscape with our solution. entails an innovative solution

We transform the distribution of humanitarian aid through a platform based on Blockchain technology. We facilitate secure and efficient transfers, optimizing efforts for timely and effective aid in critical situations.


Breaking barriers for those without access to bank accounts, passports, internet, or smartphones.

Privacy and Security

We ensure maximum privacy and security without storing sensitive information.

Open Source

We build in open source, allowing for the ongoing support of developer communities.

That promises significant benefits...

Optimization in humanitarian aid distribution.

Significant reduction in fees.

Positive social impact.

Transparency and traceability in the allocation of resources.

Join the transformation:

Let's build a more compassionate future. Together, we make a difference.

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